What does a feminist look like?

This is what a feminist looks like: White. Middle class and/or fairly privileged.

Of course, you’d have to be to spend £45 on a T-shirt that looks like it’s been hastily made with a Sharpie (an idea which would cost you around £6 if you fancy making yourself a DIY version).

The sentiment is a good one, and of course those in prominent positions might help boost the signal further than the Fawcett Society may have been able to do on their own.

But I think campaigns such as #HeforShe will have a much broader appeal, especially in the digital age, because – crucially – they don’t rely on the participants needing money for them to take part.

Which is quite important, given those who suffer most because of the inequalities in life, regardless of gender, are those who are disadvantaged socially, economically and politically.

The Fawcett Society do a great job, and I would never discourage people from donating to them, but in this case they seem to be unwittingly perpetuating the myth that feminism is for the fabled ‘liberal metropolitan elite’.

A movement for people who can’t afford to be part of it? Doesn’t quite seem right now, does it?


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