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What does a feminist look like?

This is what a feminist looks like: White. Middle class and/or fairly privileged. Of course, you’d have to be to spend £45 on a T-shirt that looks like it’s been hastily made with a Sharpie (an idea which would cost … Continue reading

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The times they need a-changin’

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there’s been a lot of talk recently about how the only solution to some truly painful election results (there was a moment, on Sunday, where I confess to shedding several tears) is to … Continue reading

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Cake v Coups: A few thoughts

There are very few things that genuinely annoy me; people who pack their shopping at self-service checkouts after they pay; people with Welsh names who mispronounce them; bad suit and tie combos. And illogicality. And, I’m afraid, this is the … Continue reading

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Nick v Nigel: What happens next…

I know everyone’s done one of these already, but I thought I’d give it a go… On the whole, I thought Nick Clegg did a great job against Nigel Farage – but then, that’s because I’m someone who tries to … Continue reading

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The Curious Collection of Lib Dem Music Videos

Over the years, I’ve been collecting weird videos – namely, videos focused on Lib Dem MPs. I didn’t mean to, but after I noticed the first few during the “Election Song Contest 2010”, they just kept coming. So, below, are … Continue reading

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