We need to talk about Rennard

Not the specific/non-specific allegations relating to him, but the issue as a whole.

And by we, I mean everyone – not just the wimmin’.

Firstly, there is something that everyone needs to be absolutely clear on – any allegations made must be taken seriously, and must be the priority for everyone.

To those who think it’s a Tory plot – shut up.

To those who want an investigation into Clegg/ministers to resign – shut up.

You may be right, you may be wrong, but I don’t care. Because what you are doing, intentionally or not, is letting the women involved down again by ignoring what may have happened to them to find a narrative you can deal with.

By glossing over the main reason for all of this, you are allowing an unacceptable culture to continue.

And it has to stop. Now.

I don’t think I know of any woman who hasn’t been groped, or leered at, or had disgusting things said to them by men who think it’s acceptable.

Why should the responsibility for addressing these issues by placed on those who are the most affected? Why do we expect victims – some of whom may well be severely traumatised – to be the ones to brave the speculation and dismissive nature of a sceptical public to bear the brunt of the spotlight and vitriol of the disbelievers?

If you want to truly change things, start by looking at the broader issues – how women are continuously let down, in all walks of life, by those who behave like this, by those who see it and do nothing.

If you want to help, put yourselves in the shoes of a victim – how would you feel if all those around you saw you, or someone close to you, being mistreated and walked on by?

If you want to help, don’t let other people be dicks.


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