Onesiegate debunked

Because people are idiots, let us make this short and sweet:

The Onesie question wasn’t a plant. Let’s be serious here – if you were going to plant a question, why would you plant that one? The badly photoshopped pictures of Clegg everywhere are not exactly going to help his image.

Truth is, it’s a longstanding joke amongst Liberal Youth members after Clegg was given the Hulk onesie just before Christmas at a student fundraising dinner.

The Telegraph, thinking there was background to this – which there isn’t, it’s exactly as Mr Ronseal himself, Clegg, said on the radio – they pursued someone for an interview.

When said person declined, they decided to make the article all about him and turn it into some kind of conspiracy.

Which, obviously, it’s not. But of course we have to believe the Telegraph, because they wrote the words down and everything…

And, on a broader point –  are we to say no Lib Dem, or Labourite, or Tory, can call into a show for fear of it being seen as a plant? Are they only allowed if disgruntled, or tearing up their membership cards? Members of any political party should be allowed to hold their
leaders to account too, and we don’t make this much of a fuss over Question Time now, do we? Or PMQs?

The fact this is the biggest story of the entire phone-in only goes to show that Clegg did well.


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