News of the World

Today, at 3:30pm, I put on my coat and left the office.

Over an hour later, I got a call from my boss: “Just a heads up,” he said, “but the News of the World is closing on Sunday.”

There aren’t really any words to describe the feeling I experienced at that moment – I don’t work for NotW, I’m not a journalist, but I do work for the company. And I know how much the majority of the people who work there – innocent, hard working people, getting all their information about the alleged past times of our predecessors from the TV along with the rest of the public – are hurting.

Hurting because they are as affected as the rest of us by these actions, but also because they are carrying the burden of accusation and guilt. They don’t deserve it, but they go on anyway – they have never condoned or defended the indefensible; they know the stigma that comes with being associated with a company that gains a reputation (for whatever reason) but, undeterred, they carry on with their jobs knowing they and the people around them are not responsible for the sins of the past.

So I can’t look at twitter, or Facebook, or the news, and see the joy and rapture of those who think that innocent people losing their jobs is a cause for celebration.

Those hurt today simply don’t deserve it.


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One Response to News of the World

  1. I’m not a huge Murdoch fan but I have not been joining in with the witchhunt and I blogged about why not. Brooks and Coulson are now not involved in the daily activities at said paper and Murdoch can’t really have had any direct influence over what happened.

    What really gets my goat is those that want to now go after The Sun, The Times and BSkyB. It is not guilt by association it is a witchhunt against Murdoch – and that is not fair and nor is it right.

    Still I’m being slagged off left, right and centre for my views on the matter…

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