Lists: The Shallow Cabinet

…that was a seriously awful pun, I am so sorry.

But, yes. Every year, Sky News release their list of ‘Most Fanciable MPs’ and, every year, I am outraged by how completely and utterly wrong they always are.

So, because I thought it would be easy, I decided to sit down and create my own lists.

It wasn’t easy. It wasn’t easy at all. Not only was it not easy, but already I have been ridiculed mercilessly (for entirely the wrong reasons, might I add – how is liking David Laws weirder than liking Alan Johnson?!) but I persevered and finally got two lists I am almost completely happy with. Two completely impartial, non-tribal lists as there is no place for party politics when it comes to being shallow!

(Chuka Umunna, David Laws, Alan Johnson, Duncan Hames, Mark Harper, John Woodcock, Nick Clegg, Andy Burnham, Jeremy Browne, Ed Vaizey)


(Sarah Teather, Justine Greening, Stella Creasy, Penny Mordaunt, Jo Swinson, Gloria De Piero, Caroline Lucas, Luciana Berger, Rushanara Ali, Lynne Featherstone)

Honourable Mentions: Ben “Bowie” Bradshaw, Chris Huhne’s voice, Yvette Cooper, Scotland, George Osborne’s hair, non-conformist tie wearers, Super Miliband Bros, Crispin Blunt, Tom “I’m a dinosaur” Greatrex, John Bercow.


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