“It’s clearly a budget. It’s got a lot of numbers in it.” – George W. Bush

Whilst waiting for Newsnight to start, myself and perardua switched over to catch the News, and talk of the Policing cuts about to take part – which led to this…

It’s a bit stupid really, isn’t it? Telling criminals exactly when their ‘jobs’ will become much easier. We’ve cut the budgets of local community projects, so there are no community centres or playgrounds for your kids to go to at night, so they’ll all be out on the streets. but don’t worry, there’ll be less police to get in their way and hand out ASBOs!

And don’t worry that we’re cutting your benefits, because you can all get jobs. Except, there are less jobs so that might not be too easy. And we’re cutting some job schemes too.

And don’t you worry about being ill, as the NHS will be one hundred times more efficient when parts of it are privatised and they don’t have to worry about those pesky target times – you will get the best, top-quality, cost-effective treatment. It might just take longer than it did before.

But hey, at least you can relax safe in the knowledge your children will be getting a good education…


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