I’ll be watching the Watchmen – but not in a creepy stalker way

Watching the Watchmen ... carpet

Watching the Watchmen ... carpet

As a person – not that I masquerade as anything else in my spare time, although I am open to doing so should the inclination ever take me – I am quite set in my ways. I like Diet Coke but scoff at those who say it’s addictive (I can give up any time). I can’t eat breakfast, unless it consists of ice cream. I like roaming around the house in my House (as in, I wear them in the house, not those reminiscent of the popular American TV series) Pants and Johnny Cash t-shirt saying ‘RARR’ and ‘I have a radio in my car’. I like playing Mario Kart even though I’m not very good at it, but I don’t like serious gaming as I’m a sore loser. I like reading books, but if it’s Chick Lit I gain a magical superiority complex – even though I love trashy, B-Movie Sci-Fi. I don’t like trying anything new.

So, imagine my surprise when I picked up Watchmen and actually liked it. This may or may not have had something to do with the promo pictures from the movie, yes, but the imagery of The Comedian was so striking that I kinda thought, ‘Hey, superheroes and men that look like Tom Selleck played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan? A man dressed as an owl? Sign me up!’  … or something along those lines, possibly after the original  ‘Grngh‘ and ‘hot‘ had run their course.

I am sure most of you knew of its brilliance already, but I’d always assumed – wrongly – that graphic novels contained the kinds of stories and graphics I’d only ever seen in my deepest, darkest nightmare… and on Sunday mornings when my youngest sister was going through her Pokemon phase.

It’s good; it’s better than good, even. Perhaps I’d even throw out that word ‘awesome’ to describe just how taken in I was by it. And, as a sucker for super heroes (let us not talk of my failed musical), I am glad that there are more things out there which are less Hollywoodised – I don’t want to see Spidey’s angsty teenage love triangle, thankyouplease, I was more into the Green Goblin plot. Unless it’s real – or as real as a man who is disintegrated and reassembled and is  blue as a consequence can be – I’m just not interested.  If I was the goddamn Batman, I’d be wondering why Alfred hadn’t taken me to see a psychiatrist several years earlier.

As for the ending being changed for the film? Well, even though I’m a snob, there is such a thing as being too faithful; I’ve seen Ken Branagh’s Hamlet (the film, you perverse people).  I have not spoilered myself for the ending – I am a selective spoilerphobe – so I am looking forward to The Comedian coming back, persued by bear. Ok, that was lame, but I make no apologies. Yet. But I’ve met Dave Gibbons (before I really knew what Watchmen was) at the Empire Film and Comic Con and, hey, if Dave likes it and it’s his baby as much as Moore’s, then who are we to argue?


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One Response to I’ll be watching the Watchmen – but not in a creepy stalker way

  1. Gina says:

    Watchmen is one of the best things I’ve ever read and I’m looking forward to the movie, changes and all. Whilst I’ve not read anything in detail, I’m hearing a general positive buzz from longtime fans and that suggests to me that it’s not going to suck. I have faith in Zack Snyder’s own fannishness.

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